Just Preloaded Trays for LED whitening 50 count

Just Preloaded Trays for LED whitening 50 count
Item# just-preloaded-trays-for-led-whitening-50-cou50

Product Description

With over a million preloaded trays sold to spas, salons, kiosks and dental offices our preloaded tray is worth a look. Dentech Preloaded LED Whitening Tray. USA made tray. USA made gel. Proper dosage of viscous gel is already in the tray. The preloaded tray comes sealed in 4ml foil pouch. Instructions. Use the teeth wipe to clean and dry the visible enamel. Apply vitamin E stick to gums and lips. Insert the tray. Turn on the Light for 20 minutes. (wipes and vitamin e sticks sold separately) 50 Units total. Priority 2 day Shipping to US customers included. Choose strength. 12%hp would be the most popular choice. PH balanced gel for Low sensitivity. Do just one treatment. Our tray has enhanced lip support so no cheek retractor needed. Tray features two breather holes which decreases salivation and allows breathing during treatment. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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